flying trapeze

We have selected Flying Trapeze Resource Page as the world's very best website on Flying Trapeze. 

Ludwig's Flying Trapeze Resource Page is a fount of information on all aspects of the flying trapeze. There is a directory of Trapeze Schools and Clubs in the USA, Canada, Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America. There is also a listing of resorts with flying trapeze facilities.

Other sections of the website cover Trapeze Jokes; Books & Tapes on the Flying Trapeze; Trapeze Email Chat; Trapeze Video Clips; Portable Trapeze Practice Rig; Trapeze Equipment Suppliers; Professional Performers, Photo Library, and Trapeze Training Tips. There is also a helpful link to an insurance company specialising in insuring against flying trapeze injuries.

The 'Flying Trapeze Resource Page' website is at this web address: