fountain pens

We have selected oPENions as the world's very best website on Fountain Pens.

The oPENions website is produced by Professor John Morgan of the Haas School of Business and Department of Economics, University of California, Berkeley, USA. He is a connoisseur and collector of fountain pens. The website includes a Beginners Guide to Fountain Pens, covering: What Pen to Buy, What Ink to Buy, Where to Buy, and How to Learn More. The What Pen to Buy explains four buying criteria: Price, Reliability, Writing, and Aesthetics. There is also a section of links to other websites related to fountain pens.

The main part of the website is a set of more than 100 reviews of fountain pens, grouped under the following manufacturers: Aurora, Cross, Lamy, Levenger, Montblanc, Motegrappa, Omas, Parker, Pelikan, Namiki/Pilot, Rotring, Senator, Sheaffer, Visconti, and Waterman. 

There is also a set of general articles on fountains pens, covering: Does the Gold Content in Nibs Matter?, How to Break in a Nib, The Life Cycle Theory of Fountain Pens, Why Bother Writing with Fountain Pens?, and When to Exchange a Nib.

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