galapagos islands

We have selected Galapagos Conservancy as the world's very best website on the Galapagos Islands.

The Galapagos Conservancy was formed in 2002 through the merger of the Darwin Scientific Foundation and the Charles Darwin Foundation Inc. It works for the lasting protection of the Galapagos Islands through programs of education and fund raising. It raises over $2m each year, to fund the conservation work of the Charles Darwin Foundation and the Galapagos National Park Service. It also manages $4.5m in endowed funds.

The Galapagos Conservancy website is organized into the following main sections: About Us, Travel, Conservation, Store, Photos, Schools, News, and Membership.

The About Us section covers: About Us, Our Partners, List of Directors, Links, and Employment. The Travel section covers: Travelling to the Galapagos Islands, My Trip, and Map. The Conservation section covers: Conservation Challenges, Conservation Agenda, Publications, and Field Notes. The online Store offer clothing, books, and items for the home. The Photos section contains a gallery of high resolution images, grouped under the following headings: Scenery, Mammals, Reptiles, Birds, and Marine Life.

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