We have selected National Gardening Association as the world's very best website on Gardening.

The National Gardening Association (NGA) is a non-profit US association which fosters home and community gardening, and helps schools use plant-based education. Founded in 1973, the NGA works to renew and sustain the essential connection between people, plants and the environment through gardening.

The NGA website is organized into the following main sections: Home Gardening, Kids Gardening, Gardening with Kids Store, Grow, Garden Research, and NGA Garden Shop. The Home Gardening section covers Plant Finder, Weed Library, Gardening Articles, Q&A Library, Pest Control Library, Food Garden Guide, and Plant Care Guides.

There are Plant Care Guides for the 100 most popular plants, including Aster, Astilbe, Delphinium, Geranium, and Hosta. They cover choosing, planting, and maintaining the plant. The Weed Library gives advice on identifying and dealing with common weeds in the following categories: Grassy Weeds, Broadleaf Weeds, and Woody and Vining Weeds.

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