genealogy & ancestry

We have selected as the world's very best website on Genealogy & Ancestry. is the world's leading source of historical records and family history information. It has more than 5 billion names in 23,000 searchable databases. is part of the Generations Network of websites, all related to family history. These include, offering easy-to-maintain family websites;, offering family and local histories and military records;, a free interactive genealogy community on the web; and Family Tree Maker, providing software for family trees. 

The website is organized into the following main sections: My Ancestry, Search, Family Trees, Ancestry Community, Learning Center, Store, Historical Records, Stories & Publications, and Photos & Maps. The Learning Center has a Family Facts section, covering: Civil War Service, Immigration Year, Life Expectancy, Name Distribution, Name Meanings, Newspaper Headlines, Occupations, Place of Origin, and Ports of Departure.

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