We have selected National Geographic as the world's very best website on Geography.

The National Geographic Society was formed in 1888 in Washington DC by a disparate group of 33 people including a teacher, lawyer, topographer, banker, military officer and naturalist. They founded the Society with the purpose of increasing and diffusing geographic knowledge. 

In addition to its multi-media publishing activities, the Society undertakes expeditions and scientific investigations, promotes natural, historical, and cultural conservation, and promotes public interest in geography through educational programs, exhibits, and events.

The National Geographic website is organized into the following main sections: Adventure & Exploration, Animals, Archaeology & Paleontology, Education, History, Kids, Magazines & Books, Maps & Geography. Other sections cover: Nature & Conservation, News, Parents, Peoples & Cultures, Photography, Science & Space, Shopping, Television & Film, Travel, and Weather & Natural Forces.

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