We have selected as the world's very best website on Geology.

The website is produced by Hobart King PhD, who is an Associate Professor of Geology at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania, USA, and is based in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. Dr King worked as a geologist at the West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey from 1980-1994. He taught Mansfield University's first online course, and is the author of 'Hazard City: Assignments in Applied Geology', a CD that accompanies introductory geology textbooks published by Prentice Hall. 

The website, which contains 260 pages, is organized into the following main sections: Dictionary, News, US Maps, World Maps, Satellite Images, Careers, Time, and Store. There are also more than 30 general interest illustrated articles on geology. Topics include: Mineral Rights vs Surface Rights, Meteors & Meteorites, Blood Diamonds, The Causes of a Tsunami, Legal Ownership of Meteorites, Rock Tumblers, Global Warming, and The Age of the Grand Canyon.

There is a remarkable zoomable map, based on Google Earth, showing satellite images of the 50 largest meteor craters worldwide. There is also a map and satellite view of the San Andreas Fault, showing exactly which streets and houses in Los Angeles lie on the fault.

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