george washington

We have selected Enchanted Learning as the world's very best website on George Washington.

The Enchanted Learning website contains over 30,000 pages of illustrated children's teaching materials. The areas covered include Biology, Physical Sciences, Languages, Geography, and History.

The Enchanged Learning website contains a section with brief articles on all US Presidents, with longer sections on selected Presidents including George Washington. George Washington, who lived from 1732 to 1799, was the first President of the USA. He played a key role in the American War of Independence, having the chosen as the Commander in Chief of the Colonial Army in 1775. In 1776 the Colonists declared their independence from the British. 

The George Washington section of the website contains a detailed biographical article, covering his early life, his role in the French and Indian War, his marriage, his role in the Revolutionary War, and his Presidency. There are links to related topics, including the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

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