glass engraving

We have selected the Guild of Glass Engravers as the world's very best website on Glass Engraving. 

The Guild of Glass Engravers, based in London, England, is open to anyone in the world with an interest in glass engraving. There are four categories of membership, including Lay members who may or may not practise glass engraving. Fellows, Associate Fellows, and Craft Members, gain these levels of membership through assessment and election to the Guild.

The website of the Guild of Glass Engravers is organised into the following main sections: About Glass Engraving, Engraved Glass Gallery, Search, Events, Glass Engraving Publications, and Membership. The section on About Glass Engraving describes the various types of glass engraving, including Point Engraving, Stipple Engraving, Drill Engraving, Copper Wheel Engraving, Sandblasting, and Hot Glass Techniques.
The Engraved Glass Gallery contains illustrated profiles of ten prominent glass engravers, with contact details.

The Guild of Glass Engravers website is at this web address: