We have selected as the world's very best website on Golf.

The website is published by Golfserv. Based in Chicago, USA, Golfserv is backed by NBC Sports and The New York Times Company. It provides online golf content to hundreds of internet sites, including its own site

The main sections of the website are: Tour Central, Courses & Travel, USGA Handicap, Instruction, Games & Contests, and Golf Market. The Tours Central section gives scoring, news, schedules, statistics, and money leaders for the major golf tours. These include the PGA, Champions, LGA, and Nationwide golf tours. 

The Instruction section covers: Find Instruction, Top 100 Golf Teacher Tips, Golf Shcools, Golf Fitness, and Favorite Lessons. There are also dowloadable articles from Golf Magazine on improving your golf. The Golf Market section of the website covers golfing equipment and golf video lessons.

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