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We have selected the American Institute of Graphic Arts as the world's very best website on Graphic Design. 

The American Institute of Graphic Arts was founded in 1914 as a small exclusive club, AIGA now represents more than 16,000 designers through national programs and local activities developed by 55 local chapters and 150 student groups. It is based in New York City, USA.

The AIGA website is organized into the following main sections: Members, Calendar, Graphic Design Gallery, Graphic Design Forum, Graphic Design Publications, Initiatives, Conferences, and Jobs. There are also sections on: Ideas for Students, Ideas for Educators, Ideas for Business, Need a Designer?, and Get Involved.

The Gallery section includes a set of videos about leading graphic designers, information about the AIGA Medal, a Survey of Design Salaries, and a downloadable move called 'What is Design?'

The AIGA Initiatives section covers: Advocacy Resources, Diversity, Disaster Relief Planning, Design for Democracy, Center for Practice Management, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility.

The AIGA website is at this web address: