great barrier reef

We have selected National Geographic as the world's very best website on the Great Barrier Reef.

The National Geographic website contains a substantial section on the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef, which rises off the north eastern coast of Australia, is made up of more than 2,800 coral reefs. These support a diversity of species rivalled only by that of the tropical rain forests.

The website contains a virtual dive into the Great Barrier Reef. This is an interactive animated panorama, with marine animals swimming by. The user can pan with a cursor between deep water and shoreline. Clicking on any marine animal will bring up further information about that animal.

There is a link to a wide-ranging photographic feature on the Great Barrier Reef. In addition to the main article, there is a set of Field Notes by the author, describing his Best, Worst and Quirkiest experiences. There is also a Zoom In photo gallery. This gives information about each of the photographs including their subject matter and the camera and lens used. 

Click here for the National Geographic website on the Great Barrier Reef: