greek painted pottery

We have selected the Beazley Archive as the world's very best website on Greek Painted Pottery.

The Beazley Archive is a part of the University of Oxford Classics Faculty, England. The heart of the Archive is the collection of Sir John Beazley, who from 1925 to 1956 was Oxford University's Lincoln Professor of Classical Archaeology. This collection was obtained by Oxford University in 1965. Since 1970 it has grown through purchases and gifts. It now consists of 500,000 notes, 33,0000 negatives, 250,000 monochrome photographs, 7,000 colour prints, 2000 books and catalogues, and 50,000 impressions of engraved gems.

There is a substantial section on Greek Painted Pottery in the Beazley Archive website. This is organised into the following main sections: Introduction, Overview of Styles & Periods, History of Collecting & Scholarship, Beazley Drawings, General Database Search, Advanced Database Search, Pottery Shapes, and Colour Photographs of Ashmolean Pottery.
The Database cover more than 98,000 Athenian vases, with over 120,000 images. The colour photographs comprise more than 1300 coloured images of more than 680 vases.

The Beazley Archive website is at this web address: