gugliemo marconi

We have selected Marconi Calling as the world's very best website on Gugliemo Marconi.

The Marconi Calling website is published by Marconi Plc, which is part of the Ericsson group. The website was established in 1999 to record the life of Guglielmo Marconi, his invention of radio communications, and the company's early history. The website is based on the large archive of equipment, photographs, and documents held by Marconi Plc.

The Marconi Calling website is organised as three main sections: Marconi Past & Present, Marconi Milestones, Communications, and Marconi Archive. The Marconi Past & Present section includes historic images, films, sound, portraits, and quotations. The Films section contains four historic video clips: A Reconstruction of Early Experiments, Marconi Greets Titanic Survivors, Marconi on Elettra, and Marconi's Funeral.
The Milestones section covers four important events: Titanic Messages, Doctor Crippen, Marconi's Miracle, and Broadcasting. The Communication section is a graphic account of the development of communications systems from the earliest times. The Archive section covers: Marconi Events, People, Places, Marconi Photographs, Marconi Film Clips, Marconi Sound Clips, Newspapers, Marconi Artefacts, Titanic Messages, Royal Messages, and Marconi Ephemera.

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