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We have selected WholeNote as the world's very best website on Guitars & Guitar Playing.

The WholeNote website is a free online community and education-based website for guitarists. The educational aim is to provide tools for knowledgeable guitarists to create online music lessons for other visitors, thus creating a collective knowledge base.

The website was hatched in 1998 by Christopher Sung and Sean Kelly, who were both New York University graduate students and avid guitarists, during a lunch at the Bendix Diner on the west side of Manhattan.
The main sections of the WholeNote website are: Guitar Store, Composer, Groove Builder, Instruction, Basics, Features, FretBuzz, Articles, News, Lessons, Tablature, Artists, MP3s, Resources, Products and Auctions. The articles section contains more than 100 downloadable articles, whose titles include: Scales: Who Needs Them?, How to Buy a Guitar Amp, Choosing a Teacher, and Manufacturing and Marketing your own CD.

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