harry houdini

We have selected Houdini Tribute as the world's very best website on Harry Houdini.

The Houdini Tribute website is produced by Robert R King of East Haven, Connecticut, USA. Houdini, the great escapologist, lived from 1874 until he died accidentally in 1926 as the result of three blows to his stomach delivered by Jocelyn Gordon Whitehead in the course of a dare.

The Houdini Tribute website contains the following illustrated articles: Houdini Biography, Houdini Multimedia, Houdini News, Young Houdini, Handcuffs Chains & Ropes, Houdini Escapes & Illusions, Mr & Mrs Houdini, Houdini's Movies, Exposing Spiritualism, More Houdini, Marie H. Blood, Purchase Houdini Memorabilia, Houdini Anecdotes, Houdini Items, Houdini Historical Calendar, Houdini Quiz, Houdini Contests, Houdini Links, Teachers & Students, Guestbook, and Flowers for Houdini. 

The Escapes & Illusions section provides illustrated descriptions of more than 30 of Houdini's tricks, including: the Sunken Box Escape, the Straight Jacket Escape, the Milk Can Escape, and the Chinese Water Torture Cell. One of his big successes was the Needle Trick, in which he would appear to swallow dozens of needles and some thread, and then regurgitate these with all the needles neatly threaded on.

The website includes colorized historical photographs, and video and sound clips. The sound clips include Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance March, which was played as the opening music to set the mood for all Houdini's stage appearances.

Click here for the Houdini Tribute website: www.thegreatharryhoudini.com.