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We have selected HardRadio as the world's very best website on Heavy Metal Music.

HardRadio is a comprehensive website and radio station devoted to Heavy Metal music. The main sections of the HardRadio website cover: News, New Releases, Bulletin Boards, MP3 Samples, Heavy Metal Links, Heavy Metal Artist Interviews, Heavy Metal Reviews, Store, and the History of Heavy Metal music.

The Interviews section includes interviews with John Garcia, Antiquus, Twisted Sister, Krokus, Iron Maiden, Bible of the Devil, Cellador, and Hammers of Misfortune. The Links section list hundreds of recommended Heavy Metal websites. The New Releases section allows you to listen free online to selected tracks from newly released albums.

The Bulletin Board section has the following discussion groups: Artist Discussion, Collectibles, Free For All Forum, Musical Instruments, Musicians, Music Wanted and For Sale, Suggestions, and Unsigned Heavy Metal Bands. 

Click here for the HardRadio website: http://www.hardradio.com