henry ford

We have selected Henry Ford Heritage Association as the world's very best website on Henry Ford.

The Henry Ford Heritage Association (HFHA) was formed in 1990 by Dr Donn Werling, who was at the time the Director of the Henry Ford Estate, Fair Lane, Dearborn, Michigan, USA. He invited a group of Fordophiles to assist in forming an organization to increase public interest in the great industrialist Henry Ford, born in 1863. 

Today the HFHA has over 1,000 members, publishes a website, organizes special events and field trips, and publishes the Ford Legend newsletter. The Ford Legend newsletter is sent three times a year to all HFHA members.

The HFHA website contains an illustrated biographical section, organized in three parts: A Young Henry Ford, The Birth of the Ford Motor Company, and The Illustrious Vagabonds. The Illustrious Vagabonds section describes early motor camping caravan trips to the Florida Everglades undertaken jointly by the families of Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone, and John Burroughs.

The Events sections includes details of tours of Henry Ford's Village Industry Mills and the old Ford Highland Park Plant. There is also an annual Henry ford Birthday Celebration and Dinner, held each year at a unique For landmark. 

The Henry Ford Heritage Association website is at this web address: http://www.hfha.org