We have selected BBC:History as the world's very best website on History.

The BBC: History website is a comprehensive online resource about history. It is organised in the following main sections: Topics, Resources, Practical History. Other features include: On This Day, Historical Figures, British History Timeline, and a History A-Z Index. 

The Topics section includes: Ancient History (Anglo Saxons, Egyptians, Romans, etc.), British History (Normans, Tudors, Victorians, etc.), World Wars, and Recent History (September 11, Iraq, etc.).

The Resources section includes: History TV & Radio (listings, programme information archive), Interactive Content (Animations, Galleries, Games, etc.), and History for Kids.

The Practical History section includes: Archaeology (Excavations, Get Involved, etc.), Family History (Bloodlines, Your Photos, Your Regions, etc.), and History Trails (structure online courses to help users develop the history skills).

Click here for the BBC History website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/