We have selected National Honey Board as the world's very best website on Honey.

The National Honey Board is the trade association for the honey industry in the USA. Based in Longmont, Colorado, it is funded by a levy of one cent per pound on domestic and imported honey. Its aim is to maintain and expand domestic markets for honey by undertaking research, advertising, and promotional programs.

The National Honey Board website is organized into the following main sections: Consumers, Food Industry, Honey Industry, and Media. There are free email newsletters on Honey Recipes, and on Honey Industry News. There is also a Find Honey section, which enables users to find suppliers of hundreds of different types of honey in the USA and worldwide.

The Consumers section contains hundreds of illustrated articles, grouped into the following categories: Recipes, Honey & Health, Honey Information, Kids & Teachers, and Consumer Promotions.

Click here for the National Honey Board website: http://www.honey.com