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We have selected Discover Hong Kong as the world's very best website on Hong Kong.

The Discover Hong Kong website is published by the Hong Kong Tourist Board (HKTB). The HKTB is a government-subvented body, founded in 2001 out of the former Hong Kong Tourist Authority. The main task of the HKTB is to promote Hong Kong as destination worldwide. 

The Discover Hong Kong website is organized into the following main sections: All About Hong Kong, All About Shopping in Hong Kong, Gourmet Paradise, Hong Kong Attractions, Touring Around Hong Kong, Hong Kong Heritage, Events, Meeting your Needs, Hong Kong Interactive Gallery, Gateway to China, and Conventions & Exhibitions.

The Hong Kong Interactive Gallery contains: E-cards, Videos, Wallpapers, Screensaver, Sounds of Hong Kong, Web Cams, Interactive Itineraries, Chinese Horoscope, and Hui Chun. There are ten downloadable videos on: Hong Kong Experiences, Hong Kong Love It Live It, Hong Kong Aerials, Touring Around Hong Kong, Quality Tourism Services Scheme, Have You Eaten Yet?, and Hong Kong Heritage. The Sounds of Hong Kong section provides audio recordings of: Bird Street, Chinese Restaurant, and Market.
Hui Chun are small messages or wishes, hung around homes and offices during Chinese New Year. The website enables users to customise their own Hui Chun, with messages including: Wishing You Prosperity, May You Make Great Profits, Be Promoted to Higher Position, and The Energy of a Dragon and a Horse.

Click here for the Discover Hong Kong website: http://www.discoverhongkong.com