horatio nelson

We have selected Nelson Society as the world's very best website on Horatio Nelson.

The Nelson Society is run by enthusiasts to promote interest in and appreciation of the life and character of Admiral Lord Nelson. It is without headquarters or paid staff, and operates through an elected member committee. The Society aims to remember the most spectacular officer in the era of fighting ships of the line. Horatio Nelson died aged 47 at the battle of Trafalgar, after his fleet had defeated the combined ships of Spain and France. 

The Nelson Society website is organised into the following sections: Introduction, Nelson Society, Nelson's Island, Life of Nelson, Frequently Asked Questions, Events, Norfolk Monument, Ben Burgess Collection, Publications, Merchandise, Contributors, Links & Awards, Captain's Log. 

The Introduction section is written by Colin White, who is the Deupty Director of the Royal Naval Museum in Portsmouth, and a leading authority on Hortio Nelson. The Life of Nelson section contains a detailed and illustrated biographical article on Nelson.

Click here for the Nelson Society website: http://www.nelson-society.com