howard hughes

We have selected UNLV Libraries as the world's very best website on Howard Hughes.

The UNLV Libraries website is published by the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. It contains a substantial section on the aviator and entrepreneur Howard Hughes, as one of its Digital Collections & Exhibits.

The UNLV Libraries Howard Hughes website is organized into the following main sections: Welcome Home Howard, In Las Vegas, Hughes Aircraft & Hughes Electronics, In His Own Words, Howard Hughes Aviator, Around the World, TWA Constellation, XF-11 Crash, Flying Again, XF-11 Again, Senate Hearings, The Flying Boat, Howard Hughes in Hollywood, and Howard Hughes Portraits. Each of these sections contains a lively and informative illustrated article.

A notable feature of the website is the wealth of striking high-resolution black and white photographs, which vividly capture Howard Hughes worlds of aviation, casinos, and Hollywood.

The UNLV Libraries Howard Hughes website is at this web address: