We have selected All About Jazz as the world's very best website on Jazz.

The mission of the All About Jazz website is to promote jazz on an international basis by publicising musicians, providing educational facilities, and increasing public appreciation of jazz. The website aims to be a destination for beginners, enthusiasts, and jazz professionals.

The main sections of the All About Jazz website are: Reviews, Artists, Columns, Global, Guides and Centers. The Review section has hundreds of freely downloadable articles covering CDs, books, DVDs and videos. The Artists section contains a directory of artists and artist profiles. Column subjects include Big Band, Big Jazz, Building a Jazz Library, and Digital Music. 

The Guide section includes guides to Jazz Blogs, Jazz Festivals, Jazz Associations, Jazz Musicians, Jazz Podcasts, Jazz Radio Stations, Jazz Record Labels, and Jazz Record Stores. There are listings of jazz schools, societies, venues and web resources. There is also a link to Jazz Excursion Radio, providing 24-hour jazz listening.

Click here for the All About Jazz website: http://www.allaboutjazz.com