johann sebastian bach

We have selected J S Bach Homepage as the world's very best website on Johann Sebastian Bach.

The J S Bach Home Page website is produced by Jan Hanford and Jan Koster. Jan Hanford is a pianist and webmaster, who lives in Berkeley, California and London, England. She is married to John Buckman who is an amateur Renaissance Lute player and founder of the Internet Lute Society. Jan Koster is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Groningen, Netherlands. His personal enthusiasms include Johann Sebastian Bach and the English Lake District, of which fine photographs are to be found on his personal website.

The JS Bach Home Page website contains five sections maintained by Jan Hanford: The Main Home Page, BWV Database, Recommended Recordings, Timeline, and Links to Bach-related Web Sites. There are also five sections maintained by Jan Koster: Biography, Bibliography, Tourist Guide, Portraits, and The Cantatas Project. 

The BWV Database contains a complete list of the more than 1200 works of Johann Sebastian Bach, with a short descriptive article about each work. The Biography section contains a map showing how Johann Sebastian Bach moved around Europe during his lifetime. The Biography is in chronological parts relating to each place: Eisenach, Ohrdruf, Luneburg, Weimar, Arnstadt, Muhlhausen, Weimar, Kothen, and Leipzig.
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