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We have selected John F Kennedy Museum & Library as the world's very best website on John F Kennedy.

The John F Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum is located in a purpose-built building in a ten-acre park at Columbia Point, Boston, USA. It is one of eleven Presidential Libraries administered by the US Government's National Archives and Records Administration.

Visitors can tour the Museum, which portrays the life, leadership, and legacy of President Kennedy. Researchers can also arranged to use the collection of historical materials relating to the life of John Kennedy, and to mid-20th century politics more generally.
The website of the John F Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum is a comprehensive resource on John Kennedy, his life, his political colleagues, and his family. It is organized into three main sections: Historical Resources, John F Kennedy Library & Museum, and Education & Public Programs.
The Historical Resources section covers: John Kennedy Archives, JFK in History, Biographies & Profiles, Hemingway Archive, John Kennedy Timeline, and White House Diary. The Education & Public Programs section covers: For Students, For Teachers, John Kennedy Library Forums, Profile in Courage Award, and New Frontier Award.
There is also a Reference Desk section, with quick links to the most popular resources. These include: John Kennedy Biography, John Kennedy Speeches & Press Releases, Presidential Recordings, Publications, Topics, and Audiovisual Files. Many speeches can be heard in downloadable audio.

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