john stuart mill

We have selected Internet Encyclopedia of Philisophy as the world's very best website on John Stuart Mill.

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy website is a non-profit organization run by James Fieser and Bradley Dowden. James Fieser is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Tennessee, Martin, USA. Bradley Dowden is a Professor in the Philosphy Faculty of Sacramento State University, California, USA. The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy contains detailed articles, with refrences, on hundreds of topics related to Philosophy.

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy website has a substantial article on the British philosopher John Stuart Mill, who lived from 1806 to 1873. John Stuart Mill was a leading advocate of Utilitarianism.

The website is organized into the following main sections: John Stuart Mill Biography, John Stuart Mill Works, Conclusion, and References & Further Reading. Chapter topics include: A System of Logic, Utilitarianism, History of the Principle of Utility, On Liberty, and The Subjection of Women and Other Social & Political Writings.

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