We have selected International Jugglers Association as the world's very best website on Juggling.

Founded in 1947, the International Jugglers Association (IJA) is an association committed to the promotion of juggling. Members receive a yearly subscription to Juggle Magazine, reduce prices on IJA videos, access to members-only areas of the IJA website, and the right to attend the annual IJA Juggling Festival.

The main sections of the IJA website cover: Fest Forum, Past Juggling Festivals, Future Juggling Festivals, Juggling Programs, How to Juggle, Buy Juggling Stuff, and the History of the IJA. Subjects covered in the How to Juggle section include: Instructions on the 3-ball Cascade, How to Juggle 3 and 4 Balls, Learn to Juggle with Animation for 3-Ball and 5-Ball patterns. There are also instructions for juggling with clubs, rings, Diabolo, and devil sticks. The Buy Juggling Stuff section covers juggling videos and juggling magazines.

The International Jugglers Association website is at this web address: http://www.juggle.org