We have selected Into the Wind as the world's very best website on Kites.

Into the Wind, founded in 1980 and based in Boulder, Colorado, USA, is a leading online retailer of kites. Its online store has sections for stunt kites, traditional kites, lines and accessories for kites, flags, banners, windsocks, wind spinners, lawn sculptures, and toy kites.

There is an instruction section for stunt kite kits, covering pre-flight checks, at the flying field, launching and flying kites, adjusting kite bridles, developing your skill, and kite safety. There is also an instruction section for traditional kites, covering where to fly kites, getting ready, and how to launch kites. 

Other resources in the Into the Wind website include a photo gallery, kite comparison charts, spar charts, customer reviews, wind conditions, knots and repair instructions.

Click here for the 'Into the Wind' website: