lake titicaca

We have selected Crystalinks as the world's very best website on Lake Titicaca.

The Crystalinks website is produced by Ellie Crystal. Based in New York City, USA, Ellie Crystal describes herself as a Psychic, Therapist, Reiki Master, Teacher, Author, Researcher, Lecturer, and Broadcaster. The Crystalinks website, which includes Ellie Crystal's daily blog 'Ellie's World', receives more than a million hits a day.

The Crystalinks website includes a substantial illustrated article on Lake Titicaca, which at 12,507 feet is the highest commercially navigable lake in the world. It averages between 460 and 600 feet deep, and lies between Andean ranges in a vast basin of about 22,000 square miles which forms the High Plateau of the Northern Andes. More than 25 rivers run into the Lake.

The Crystalinks website contains an illustrated article on the Inca Civilization, and an index of other articles on ancient civilizations, in Africa, Alaska, Australia, China, Europe, and Easter Island.

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