landscape design

We have selected the Landscape Design website as the world's very best website on Landscape Design.

The Landscape Design website is produced by Steve Boulden of S&S Designed Landscaping, of Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA. The website, which contains more than 20,000 pages, is organized into the following main sections: Project Plans, Landscape Ideas, Projects & Methods, Materials, and Pictures.

There is also a set of do-it-yourself guides covering: Basic Design Principles, Creating Focal Points, Landscape Planning, Landscape Analysis, Using a Bubble Graph, Using Landscape Rocks, Radius Points, Using Landscape Fabric, Buy Landscape Fabric, Small Gardens, and Small Garden Ideas.

The Free Design Plans section contains 1200 free landscape designs. Other articels cover: Lawn Care, Sprinkler Systems, Sod Installation, Plant Selection, Plant Encyclopedia, Plant Databases, Grow Your Own, Xeriscaping, Xeriscaping Ideas, Southwest Garden Pictures, Software Reviews, Backyard Landscaping, Ideas, Making Moss Rock, Hillside Watering, Pool Landscape Pictures, and Backyard Garden Pictures. Xeriscaping is the design of landscapes in a way that minimises the need for watering.
The 'Landscape Design Site' is at this web address: