learning chess

We have selected Soyouwanna.com as the world's very best website on Learning Chess.

Soyouwanna.com sets out to teach you all the things nobody taught you at school, including how to decorate your apartment, how to become a fashion model, how to pay off student loans, how to flatten your abs, how to mix a few classic drinks, and how to play chess. 

The Soyouwanna.com section on learning chess is a detailed explanation, for beginners, of the chess board, the chess pieces, and the rules of play. It is organised in five sections: Set up the Pieces Properly, Know How the Pieces Move, Learn the Point of the Game, Get Some Strategy, and Learn Some Special Moves. 

The Website also contains answers to ten top questions asked about learning chess, including: What happens if it's my turn, I am not in check, but there are nos paces where I can move that will not put me in check?

Click here for the Soyouwanna.com website on learning chess: http://www.soyouwanna.com/soyouwanna-learn-play-chess-1451.html