ludwig van beethoven

We have selected Beethoven: The Maginficent Master as the world's very best website on Ludwig van Beethoven.

The Beethoven: The Magnficent Master website is produced by Ingrid Schwaegermann of the Raptus Association for Music Appreciation, Edmonton, Canada. The website is organized into the following main sections: Biography, Works List, Picture Gallery, Creation Histories, Musicians on Beethoven, Beethoven and Other Great Minds, Beethoven's Friends, and New Questions Raised by Beethoven Research.

The Biography section contains articles covering: Time Table, Beethoven's Family, Beethoven's Childhood, The Court Apprentice, Growth & Maturation, Later Bonn Years, Vienna Study Years, Early Successes, Revelations of Silence, Triumphant Genius, Trials & Tribulations, Connections, and Transcending to Beyond. There is also a Bibliography.

The Creation Histories section contains detailed articles on the origin and writing of more than fifty of Beethoven's works.

The Beethoven: The Maginificent Master website is here: