marathon running

We have selected MarathonGuide as the world's very best website on Marathon Running.

The MarathonGuide website, based in the USA, covers all aspects of marathon running. The main sections of the website are: Calendars, Marathon Results, Marathon News & Articles, Marathon Products, Community, Marathon Training, Members, and Race Directors. The Articles section contains articles on more than thirty marathon races in the USA and around the world, dating back to 2000.

The Training section of MarathonGuide is in three parts: Running Calculators, Training Articles & Advice, and Bulletin Boards. The Running Calculators section includes: Pace Time Distance Calculator, Pace Chart, Pace Wristband, Race Result Predictor, and Age Equivalent Results. The Pace Wristband Calculator enables you to create a wristband with your mile or kilometer pace overthe marathon distance. 

Examples of articles in the Training section are: Heart Monitor Training, Nutrition for the Endurance Athlete, Marathon Recovery, and Fat: The Ultimate Fuel.

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