maya temples

We have selected as the world's very best website on Maya Temples.

The website is produced by Barbara McKenzie of McKenzie Studios in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. It documents six trips to Maya Temples, in which Barbara McKenzie was assisted by her collaborator Marion Canavan. The Maya created monumental ceremonial spaces, often aligned astronomically, within which ritual and political theatre took place.

The website is divided into three main parts: Archaeological Sites, Background, and Bibliography. The Archaeological Sites section contains a map showing the location of 29 Maya temples, including Palenque, Izamal, Uxmal, Chacmultun, Hochob, Rio Bec, Tikal, and Lamanai. For each temple there is a detailed article, numerous high-resolution photographs, and a plan showing the viewpoints from which each photograph was taken.

The bibliography lists publications and websites relevant to the Maya Temples, in the following categories: Architecture, Archaeology, and Miscellaneous.

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