We have selected Meat Matters as the world's very best website on Meat.

The Meat Matters website is produced by a consortium of meat industry bodies in the UK, Ireland, and Denmark. Its aim is to be an enjoyable family website on cooking and enjoying meat, with recipes, news, tips, advice, and nutritional information on meat. 

The Meat Matters website is organised into the following main sections: Recipes, Cooking Tips, Pork, Sausage Week, Butchers Search, Health, On Pack Meat Labels, Meat Links & Shops, and Meat News. 

The website publishes a set of recipe booklets, with a new booklet being produced every eight weeks. Topics include: Slow Cooking, Barbecues Indoors & Out, Wraps, Low Fat Meals, and Holiday Inspired Street Style Dishes. The database of meat recipes can be searched by Length of Time Taken, Cuisine (British, Mediterranean, Asian Fusion, and Americana), and Ingredients.

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