We have selected Nobel Foundation as the world's very best website on Microscopes.

The Nobel Foundation, based in Stockholm, Sweden, was established in 1900 with funds from the will of Alfred Nobel. It awards the prestigious annual Nobel Prizes in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature and Peace.

The Nobel Foundation website has an informative section on Microscopes. The main parts are: From Thrilling Toy to Important Tool, Microscopy Time Line, Resolving Power Line, and Microscope Quiz. The From Thrilling Toy to Important Tool section traces the development of the microscope from its invention at the end of the 16th century to today. It also explains the ways in which the microscope contributed to scientific advances. The Microscopy Time Line section identifies and dates the key developments in microscopes, from 1590 to 1981. It shows how these developments meshed with scientific work for which Nobel Prizes were awarded in 1925, 1953, and 1986. The Resolving Power Line shows how resolving power increased through developments in light microscopes, and through the invention of the electron microscope.

Click here for the Nobel Foundation website on microscopes: http://nobelprize.org/educational/physics/microscopes/1.html