military aircraft

We have selected FAS Military Analysis Network as the world's very best website on Military Aircraft.

The FAS Military Analysis Network website is published by the Federation of American Scientists. It has sections for US Military Aircraft, and for Rest of World Military Aircraft.

The US Military Aircraft section lists more than 100 US military aircraft in the following categories: Bomber, Attack, Fighter, Cargo, Tanker, Special, Rotary, Trainer, and X-Planes. For each aircraft there is a description with detailed specifications. There is information where relevant on armaments, modifications, and projected life of the aircraft. There is also an image bank on each aircraft type, with photographs capable of being blown up to full size. 

The Rest of World Military Aircraft section has similar information on military aircraft in the air forces of Russia, China, United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Iraq, and Serbia. There are also links to other websites covering military aircraft worldwide.

Click here for the FAS Military Network website: