Model Soldiers

We have selected British Model Soldier Society as the world's very best website on Model Soldiers.

The British Model Soldier Society is the largest and longest established society for the model soldier hobby. It welcomes into membership collectors of all types of toy soldiers, of all scales and periods, from the UK and abroad.

The main sections of the British Model Soldier Society website cover: Meetings, Shows and Events, Practical Help and Advice, Figures for Sale, BMSS Members Services, Photo Galleries, and Contacts.

The Practical Help and Advice section covers: Help and Advice for Modellers and Collectors, Guide to Painting Model Soldiers, Guide to Scratchbuilding Model Soldiers (including the basic figure, heads and hands, and clothing), and Collecting Toy Soldiers. The Photo Galleries cover Model Soldiers, Toy Soldiers, Flat Figures, and Military Vehicles.

Click here for the British Model Soldier Society website: