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The website is produced by Matthew Lloyd, and is dedicated to his great grandfather, the actor, comedian, singer, songwriter, and musical performer, Arthur Lloyd (1839-1904). Matthew Lloyd started the website in 2001, with the aim of giving his distinguished great grandfather, and the music hall world within which he worked, a presence on the Internet.

Matthew Lloyd says that the website also gives him the opportunity to indulge his passion for Theatre Architecture.

The website contains over 1,000 pages of information, and over 2,000 images. It is organised into the main sections covering Theatres, and History. The Theatres section covers: London's Long Lost Theatres & Music Halls, Brighton, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Theatreland Maps, and West End Theatres Shop. There are hundreds of high resolution images of theatres, with descriptions.

The History section is broken down into the following categories: Arthur Lloyd, Horatio Lloyd, Music Hall, Variety, Pantomime, Backstage, Architects, Music Hall Songs, Music Hall Posters, Music Hall People, Burials, Maps, Music Hall Timeline, and Calendar.

The website is at this web address: