napoleonic wars

We have selected History Net as the world's very best website on the Napoleonic Wars.

The History Net website is produced and published by the Weider History Group of Newtown, Pennsylvania, USA, which is the world's largest publisher of historical magazines. 

The History Net website is organized into the following main sections: Wars & Conflicts, Air & Sea, Discovery & Exploration, and Culture. There is also a Daily Quiz, Picture of the Day, Today in History, Forums, Wild West Blog, and Book Reviews.

There is a substantial section on the Napoleonic Wars, including articles on: the Battle of Asper-Essling, the Battle of Austerlitz, the Battle of Quatre Bras, the Battle of the Pyramids, the Battle of Trafalgar, the Italian Campaign, Women at Waterloo, Military Technology, and Nadezhda Durova.

There is also a section on Historical Figures, with one or more detailed and illustrated articles on each. Those covered include: George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Horatio Nelson, Robert E Lee, Ulysses S Grant, Andrew Jackson, Winston Churchill, and Jimmy Doolittle. 

Sections of the website are based on each of Weider's history magazines: America's Civil War, American History, Aviation History, British Heritage, Civil War Times, Military History, MHQ, Vietnam, Wild West Magazine, and World War II.

Click here for the History Net website: