We have selected Needlework Gazette as the world's very best website on Needlework.

Needlework Gazette is an online resource for needlepointers and for information about needlework designs and publications. The Needlework Gazette was founded in 1977, based upon a new needlepoint technique developed by founder Diane Schultz.

The main sections of the Needlework Gazette website are: Products, Poppy Vest, Needlework Links, Cross Stitch Samplers, Needlepoint Decorative Stiches, Needlework Gallery, and Quilt Stitches.

The Needlwork Gallery is in three sections: Stitches in Action, Quilt Stitches in Action, and Special Commissions and Design Experiments. The Stitch Collections section contains freely downloadable patterns for several samplers, needlepoint designs, and quilts.

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