We have selected Operabase as the world's very best website on Opera.

The Operabase website has built up since 1996 a documented database on opera, with more than 175,000 performances now on file. It documents the work of artists in more than 600 opera houses worldwide, and publishes its website in seven languages - English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese.

The main sections of the Operabase website cover: Performances, Artists, Companies, and Reference. The database of opera performances can be searched by title, composer, and location, for a defined range of dates. There is a Highlights section, listing more than a hundred notable operas due to be performed in the coming year. There is also a section covering Opera Festivals. The database of artists can be searched by first or second name. There is also a 'sounds like' facility if you are not sure how the name is spelt. Opera companies can be searched by name, or by A to Z of countries. 

A Timelines section, starting in 1600, shows graphically the active period of each leading opera composer, listing each of that composer's operas by date.

Click here for the Operabase website: http://www.operabase.com