We have selected British Origami Society as the world's very best website on Origami.

The British Origami Society is devoted to the art of paper-folding. It has more than 700 members around the world, and publishes a magazine every two months. It is a registered charity. 

Modern Origami normally starts with a square sheet of paper, and produces folded models without cutting or fastening the paper. Traditional Japanese Origami, which has existed since the Edo Era (1603-1867) was less strict about these conventions, with the paper starting as rectangular, circular, or triangular, and being cut during the process. 

The British Origami Society website is organized into the following main sections: Society, Academic, Practical Origami, Origami Gallery, Origami Fun, and Origami Supplies. There are also sections on: Convention, Library List, Glossary, and Events. The Academic section contains 11 articles, with titles which include: David Listers Essays, Folding 45 Degrees, Folding 30 and 60 Degrees, Origami & Catastrophe Theory, and Van Goubergan's Curler Units.
The Practical section contains articles on: Origami Books, Creative Folders, Decorative Folding, Diagrams, Model Database, Origami Techniques, and Wetfolding.

Click here for the British Origami Society website: http://www.britishorigami.info