pablo picasso

We have selected Picasso Administration as the world's very best website on Pablo Picasso.

The Picasso Administration is the organisation which manages the rights to the artworks and writings of Pablo Picasso. The Picasso Administration website is organised is available in French and English, and is organised in three main sections: Seeing/Learning, Pablo Picasso's Life, and Rights.

The Seeing/Learning section covers Picasso in Museums, Picasso Exhibitions, Picasso Books, Picasso Auctions, and Picasso Agents. The section on Pablo Picasso's Life covers Genealogy, Biography, Studios, and Works. The Biography is presented as a graphic time line, with illustrated articles describing each decade of Picasso's life. The Studios section shows the locations of the various studios, mostly in France and Spain, in which Pablo Picasso worked.

The Works section contains several illustrated articles describing different periods and aspects of Pablo Picasso's work. Titles include: A Summer in Holland, The Mysterious Sculpture, It Smells of Mushrooms, and Linocut.

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