panama canal

We have selected ACP as the world's very best website on the Panama Canal.

The ACP website is published by the Panama Canal Authority which is entrusted under the constitution of Panama with exclusive charge of the operation, management, preservation, and modernization of the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal Authority is controlled by an 11 person Board of Directors, of whom nine are appointed by the President of the Republic of Panama, one is appointed by the Legislative Branch. The eleventh member, who acts as Chairman and Minister of State for Canal Affairs, is also appointed by the President.

The ACP website is organized into sections for four types of user: Research & Students, Press, Maritime Industry, Clients & Suppliers, and Kids. There are also sections on: About the Panama Canal Authority, News, Maritime Operations, Financial Information, Human Resources, Master Plan, Multimedia, and Our Country.

The Multimedia section includes two interactive animations, on How the Panama Canal Works, and the Administration Building, which has been in continuous use since its construction in 1914. There are current and historical downloadable photos, live cameras, weather radar, and sections on Panama Canal Clearance Levels, Pictures of the Centennial Bridge, and Pictures of Floating Equipment. There are also an ingenious set of interactive electronic jigsaws based on images of the Panama Canal.

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