We have selected The as the world's very best website on Paris.

The website is published in Paris in French and English. It is a comprehensive resource about Paris, which was founded in 1994 and now contains more than 7,000 pages. It is organized into the following main sections: Tourist Resources, Paris Hotels, Paris Museums, Paris Monuments, Paris Metro, Paris Kiosque eZine, Today's Headlines, Calendar, Paris Postcards, Shops, Paris Scenes, Historic Maps of Paris, Online Expos, Train Stations, After Hours, Guestbook, French Language Classes, and Paris Classified Ads. 

The Paris Postcards section contains more than 50 e-Postcards, in the following categories: Urban Scenes, Paris Metro, Paris Monuments, The Louvre, Paris Cafes, and After Hours in Paris. The Historic Maps section contains maps of Paris in 1552, 1572, 1575, and 1615. There is a facility to zoom into the maps for finer detail. There is also an interactive map of Paris, with mapped links to more than 20 important historical buildings.  

The Online Expos section contains illustrated articles supplied by website contributors. These include an article on the Cemetery of Pere, which contains a clickable map showing the location of the graves of more than 50 notable people.

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