personal comuters

We have selected PC Magazine as the world's very best website on Personal Computers.

The PC Magazine website has a large section covering personal computers. The main sections of the website are: @Work, Discussions, Shop, Columns, News, Expert Help, Downloads, and Reviews. There are separate sections for laptop and desktop personal computers.

The Desktop Personal Computers section divides desktops into five main categories: Media, Gaming, General Purpose, Value, and Business. Personal computers can also be searched for by processor family (Intel or AMD), type of graphics card, type of primary optical drive, and price band.

Each personal computer is given an Editor's Rating of up to five points; some models are selected as Editor's Choice. The website also gives specifications for each personal computer, with a brief review from PC Magazine which includes pros and cons.

The Expert Help section contains informative articles on aspects of personal computer ownership, including security and archiving. There are also two sections (Ask Loyd and Ask Neil) where editorial staff respond publicly to questions about personal computers emailed to them by users.

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