We have selected Angus McIntyre Pages as the world's very best website on Petra.

The Angus McIntyre Pages website is produced by Angus McIntyre, who describes himself as a traumatised victim of the browser wars. His interests include South East Asia, World War II poems, and wine. His website has a substantial section on the ancient Nabatean capital of Petra, in Jordan. Petra was famously described as 'a rose-red city half as old as time' by the minor Victorian poet John William Burgon.

The website contains a clickable map of Petra, with links to illustrated articles on seven of the most famous monuments in the site. These include: The Siq, The Khazneh, The High Place of Sacrifice, Royal Tombs, and the Tomb of Sextius Florentius. The website also contains links to other Petra websites.

Click here for the Angus McIntyre Pages website: