We have selected as the world's very best website on Physics. 

The website is published by the Institute of Physics. The Institute is a scientific membership institution devoted to physics, with is headquarters in London. It has over 34,000 members worldwide. 

The website contains nearly 2,000 pages. The main part is a directory of physics websites worldwide. It has a sophisticated search feature, which can accept natural language queries. If users input details about themselves, such as age and qualifications, the search adapts to find items likely to be of most relevance to the particular user. There is a facility for users to rank and comment on listed websites. 

The Physics Life section of the website is an animated presentation which explains the relevance of physics to everyday life, in the home, in the office, and at school. The Physics Evolution section of the website gives short biographies of key people in the history of physics. The biographies are indexed graphically, using a series of maps for historical eras. These include: the Ancient Philosophers, the Arabian & Chinese Age, the Renaissance, The Electrical Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, the Atom Age, and the Standard Model (from 1922 to 2000).

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